Skier Checklist

13 Dec

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We try our best as parents to foster independence within our boys…  This sign found it’s place on our back door today in honor of our first day of ski school!  I find making “lists” and “calendars” for our boys really helps them to feel confident in their ability to get things done on their own!  I literally popped this list off in a matter of 5 minutes adding all the things our boys specifically need to be prepared for a day on the slopes!  Shaeffer gets low blood sugar very quickly so we have to add a few extra snacks to ensure he doesn’t lose his cookies while out there!  I used some of my favorite clip art from melonheadz to make our check list a little more inviting!  Try it, you might just find yourself with a few more minutes and a few less frustrations on a busy morning!

Advent or Christmas Ornament

8 Dec


HOPE…  There is so much meaning behind that one simple word… The dictionary defines is as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  These words are true, but the feeling of HOPE is one that cannot be described in words.  This Advent season we’ve been focussing on hope… The hope of Jesus.  The hope in the arrival of a very special person.  The hope for Christmas..  As our project this week, we made Christmas Tree Ornaments after we discussed our hopes…  It was an easy project with a bunch of feeling behind it….  The feeling of HOPE!  I did this at church with ages 4-11 and loved the differences in their pictures! Older kids can write a little paragraph on the back of their ornament about what the hope of Christmas means to them!


Here are the directions:

1.  Glue or Hot Glue 5 popsicle sticks together in the shape of a barn…  What type of glue you use really depends on the amount of time you have and the amount of children doing the project.  If you’re doing this at home and have some time to wait, school glue works just fine.  If you are in more of a hurry, then hot glue might be the choice for you…

2.  Cut out a piece of paper that matches the size of your barn. I guesstimated this and then trimmed the edges once the project was complete, but you can also trace your popsicle stick barn onto a piece of paper and cut it out…

3.  Draw a picture of Joseph, Mary, and The Baby Jesus…  Glue it to your barn (again using school glue or hot glue)

4.  Add a little hope to your ornament and TADA!  Like I said earlier I made this with 4-11 year olds and the older children wrote about the hope of Christmas on the back of their ornament.  Just an option if it’s needed!

Easy Yoda Craft!

5 Dec


My newly 4 year old has made this craft twice already and will probably want to make it again today 😀! It’s very easy because it’s just shapes glued together! It’s also great practice in identifying shapes- cutting (if desired) and gluing! In the one pictured I had the shapes all cut out and a picture of Yoda printed out and let him glue them how he thought Yoda looked! He did a pretty great job!!! The second one he made with his 8 year old brother and he cut the shapes out himself! I don’t have a picture because I have no idea where he “hid” this Yoda 😉! If I find it I’ll post it! Enjoy!!!!

Easy Turkey Day Craft

25 Nov


This is one of my favorite projects! I used to make these with my classroom kiddos every year! This year I made them at church with my Sunday School class! We also wrote about being Thankful for what we’ve been blessed with! Super easy, very thoughtful and loads of fun!

Here’s the scoop:

Take an old fashioned coffee filter and lay it flat… Use water paints to paint a fun design or tie dye type collage- what ever your heart desires! While it is drying use construction paper to cut out a body, beak, legs, waddle & eyes… Glue everything together and TADA!!! Gobble Gobble!


Thanksgiving Craft…

19 Nov


This is my favorite Thanksgiving craft!  I have made it with classrooms full of children and at my own home with just my three little peanuts!  This particular photo was a project I made with my Sunday School Kiddos!  The basic idea is to have each child write what they are thankful for on a turkey feather and then allow them to decorate it!  You then put them together to make a turkey!  If you are doing this at home you can have them make more than one feather with more than one thing they are thankful for, you can also make it on a much smaller scale!  Post your pictures in the comments section so we can see how blessed we all are!

Halloween Food & Art… Mummy Quesadillas and Potato Pumpkin Art…

28 Oct


I’m not going to lie…  Carving a potato is not as easy as it sounds…  Today my Kids in the Kitchen kiddos made a couple fun things…  Painting with potatoes was one of our fun Halloween activities we did today.  Basically, I used a pairing knife prior to class to carve out some jack-o-lantern faces in 3 potatoes, 6 halves. I tried to make each face different, but that was a bit more complicated then I thought :).

4.2013-10-01 17.42.11

I put out some orange paint and my small friends stamped away and made some pretty cute pumpkins.  They key behind this craft is that you don’t need a lot of paint on your potato or it will just look like a circle, you won’t be able to see the carved face… So go lightly on the paint… I just put a small bit on a paper plate for them to dip their potato into.   That’s it, easy as potato pie :).


We also made mummy quesadillas which were so easy, quick and tasty.  I got the idea from “The Kids Activities Blog” and I really think they are adorable!  They’d be perfect for Halloween night just before trick or treating…  You cold also make Jack-o-lantern quesadillas using kitchen scissors to cut out the face on the top quesadilla…  I used my kitchen scissors to cut some of the tortillas into strips so they could make their dinner into a mummy.  You can use white cheese and olives for the eyes or candy eyes if that’s up your ally.  You can also just cut the darker part of the tortilla into eye shapes and put those on, as well… What ever you think!


Of course no Halloween preschool cooking class would be complete without some spooky books…  Here are a couple of my favorites…

Unknown-2 Unknown Unknown-1

Happy Halloween Friends!  XOXO

Shark Sandwiches

27 Oct

Teaching 3 year olds to cook is a hoot… I love every second of it. I especially love giving them complete control over their food… I let them cut, spread, and design their dishes and this week’s lesson is proof of that… There is part of me that thinks these could be the stars of that pinterest fail site, but then I remember that the artists are 3 and I beam with pride!!! The Demonstration:

IMG_4891.JPG The Masterpieces:





IMG_4890.JPGSeriously, how stinking cute, right????


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