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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Project

30 May

This month in Kindergarten we celebrated the books by Eric Carle.  He has so many fun books for kids with amazing illustrations.  At home, my boys LOVE Eric Carle.  Shaeffer has actually had an Eric Carle birthday party a few years back….  One of their favorite stories is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.  Here is a project to go along with the book…  It was relatively easy and I think they turned out so cute!

You’ll need:

White construction paper

Water Paints


Google Eyes (optional)


Tempera Paint

markers (optional)


On a small plate poor a little bit of green tempera paint.  On a second plate pour a little bit of red tempera paint.  Blow up the balloons to about the size of a grapefruit.  Use the balloon as your “paint brush” and dip it into the paint.  We used green for the body and red for the head to resemble the caterpillar in the story.  I actually tried mixing a little blue in with the green and a little yellow in with the red to give it a blended look, but in the end it didn’t matter too much!  Allow your caterpillar to dry and then add google eyes, mouth etc.. with either paint or markers.   While your caterpillar is drying or on a separate day, draw some fruit that the caterpillar might enjoy eating.  Cut out your fruit and paint it using water paints!  I let my 5 year olds do the drawing and they did a remarkable job!  I just instructed them to make the fruit “BIG”…  Once both projects are dry, cut out your caterpillar and either tape it to the fruit or add two slits (as seen) and weave it through the fruit…  I think this one is framable, I just love the colors!  These three were made courtesy of three friends from Kindergarten.  I posted them because I love how different they are!  Good Job Friends!

Potty in the Park….

16 May

If you are a mom of a boy or several boys you might be able to relate…  I myself do not have any brothers so having three boys has been a learning experience to say the least…  I guess one of my first lessons as a mom of boys relates to the potty… Potty training boys is a bit of a different experience than I expected, but it is one I have survived (at least for two of the three).  Lets jump ahead a couple years post potty training…  Lets jump ahead to today, May 16, 2011.  I have my three boys; 5, 4 and 6 months at my oldest son’s t-ball game.  My husband is not with me because he is at his own baseball game.  The process of bringing my 5 year old to t-ball should not be a hard one, right?  It’s an hour long game, there is a playground right next to the field, and the weather is perfect, what more could a mom ask for????  I’ve set up shop with our stroller, blanket, snacks and water!  We are ready for the next two innings (t-ball is a two inning game, love that).  Did I mention I’m at this game alone, meaning no husband?  Well I am and I’m pretty sure I’m the only “single” mom in the bunch.  To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one without a grandparent, aunt, cousin or even neighbor  with me and for sure the only one without “THE DAD”.  I quickly get over the loneliness and am enjoying my son’s game.  I do feel a little bit like “that mom”, however…  You know the one….The one with the three kids, sitting in the back, baby fussing, 4 year old whining for a snack, and trying her best to cheer on her eldest son!  BUT, I also feel a sense of power, a sense of  hey I can do this, a sense of pride…  But then it happens, that one thing they always ask you about at job interviews…  My t-ball player pulls down his pants to go potty… Potty in the park, why not?… I mean why wouldn’t you just go right there?  When you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go… I pee in my grandpa’s yard, I pee on the side of the road on long trips, I pee in the woods…  Why wouldn’t I pee at the ballpark?  It makes perfect sense!  Unfortunately, the poor boy didn’t actually get to “go” because the 40 plus fans who were watching the game all started laughing and of course I’m yelling “no buddy, there is a potty here”…  In all of the hubbub he got embarrassed and started running away.  So now here I am running with a baby in my arms and a 4 year old chasing after me all to try and catch up to my runaway streaker.    To top it off “that Dad” starts chasing us… You know the one, the dad who is all buff and in shape, the one that’s wife is adorable, the one who has the cutest kids… Yep that Dad… He catches up to my son and says to him “stop crying and start running with me”.  The two of them high tail it over to the potty and take care of business.  In the mean time I’ve “dumped” my baby in the lap of some mom I’ve never met, my 4 year old is crying because he’s not sure what just happened and I’m pretty sure the other Mom’s are thankful this didn’t just happen to them.  I thank “That Dad” for his help and jog back to the field….I got my ball player back in position just in time for the last batter! He smiles at me, gives me a little wave and is back in his ready position!  I gather up my belongings (meaning my other two children) and act like this is no big deal, but  I’m pretty sure this is a day I will never forget.  As for my slugger….  I’m pretty sure the cookies and juice he got after the game have erased all memories of any embarrassment he felt.  Someday I’ll tell you about what happened after the cookies and juice…….  but maybe only if you’re interviewing me for a job!


11 May

This Minnesota girl is soaking up this spring weather like I were a sponge in water!  I guess that’s what happens when you’ve spent the last several months cooped up!  One week ago we were dealing with snow in May, I had to turn my heat on to keep our tootsies warm.  Yesterday our tootsies were sticking together and my boys were begging to go swimming in “G’s” lake.  Much to their surprise, they got a quick lesson in “hypothermia” and the importance of the sun in warming our lakes!   Today my mind has shifted from swimming in ice cold water to spending some time  hiking around and taking in the natural wonders our state (whose birthday it is today) has to offer.  I encourage you to “Take a Hike” in the next couple of days…  We’ve taken fun hikes around some of our outstanding parks, trails, and lakes.   I also love the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and Richardson Nature Center.  Both have so much ‘nature’ to offer as well as some amazing summer classes for kids!  Taking a hike is a great way to build family traditions, values, and learn about our surroundings in a hands on way!  So go on now, go take a hike!

Charlie the Ranch Dog

4 May

photo courtesy of barnes and noble Like many of you, I stalk the website/blog of “The Pioneer Woman”.  I am constantly amazed by her witty banter, creativity, and amazing meals!  I am especially in love with two of her dogs, Charlie and Walter (her new puppy).  You see, I have always wanted a Basset Hound.  Growing up, my Uncle Kirk had one named “Boggie”.  Among other things, one of my favorite “Boggie” stories is that he would howl when my uncle played the piano, as if he were singing along.  Boggie would call us on our birthday’s and “sing” happy birthday to us, it was one of my favorite birthday treats!  The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, has written a children’s book about one of her lovable dogs, Charlie.  The book is adorable!  She actually reads it online at Barnes and Noble’s “online story time”, as well.  My class and I watched the story yesterday and they have been asking for it again and again (which is so uncommon).  Needless to say, I think it’s a hit!  I can’t wait to get it for the boys!  2 of my favorite things in one; cute basset hounds and children’s literature!

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