Mother’s Day

So I had this thought the other day…  I’m not sure why exactly, maybe it’s because my Mom was a single parent, maybe it’s because my cute older neighbor lives alone and her family is so far away, maybe it’s because God has an idea for me… Not sure, but here it goes…

Who helps single Mom’s celebrate Mother’s Day?  What do people who are all alone do on the day we honor Mom’s?  What if you are a mom who lost a child, or a mom who hasn’t been able to have a child?  Who remembers these people?  I remember being a little girl and bringing home the handmade gift I made in class, but that was it.  No one took me shopping for my mom, I didn’t make her special meals, and she most certainly didn’t get the day “off”.   I know she loved my handmade gifts more than anything, but I’m also sure it would have been nice to be treated a little bit like a queen :).   I wonder what my sweet little neighbor will be doing tomorrow?  She has a grown son and grandchildren, but they live far away…  I wonder how my friend who lost her two year old son feels on Mother’s Day or our other friends who are unable to get pregnant?  It’s just heartbreaking for me to think of all these people who maybe wish the day would come and go or for whom the day does come and go without so much as a “thanks mom”…

This is the first Mother’s Day we are away from my Mom.  I know she’s ok with it, she has lots of friends to celebrate with and our boys sent her some special gifts and treats, but there are tons of Mom’s out there where Mother’s Day might actually be hard…  So my idea is this… Let’s brighten someones day just a little…

I asked the boys what they would like to get for Ms. Janet (our neighbor) for Mother’s Day…  They told me she loves fruit and especially kiwi.  Shaeffer wanted to give her flowers and Sutton wanted to draw her a picture in a frame.  It took me a little under an hour to run out and gather up all of their ideas and put them together in a basket for her.  We are going to bring it over in the morning and wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

I’m wondering if you can do the same?  Is there a neighbor, a friend, someone at church that you could just bring a something little to?  Stop and pick up some flowers in the morning, maybe muffins or scones…. If it’s someone you don’t know maybe just a gift card for a cup of coffee…  I just think we could help make Mother’s Day a little more special for those in our community who otherwise may see the day come and go without being honored for the Mom’s they are or want to be!

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