Shaving Cream Bath Paints

Are your kids filthy?  It seems like we are taking so many baths now that summer has arrived.  I mean between sunscreen, bug spray and chlorine, we have to rid them of all chemicals on a daily basis!  To spice it up a little bit I found this “recipe” for bath paints that I thought would be fun.  Basically you mix shaving cream (you might want to use sensitive skin/unscented) and food coloring together. I did it in a muffin tin just for ease, but you could mix them in little bowls too…. I just filled the tins with foaming shaving cream and then added one to two drops of food coloring.  I know, I was a little worried it would STAIN my tub, but it didn’t. I know you are thinking, “but when I drip a little on my counter it is hard to get off…”  I thought the same thing…  Even as I was mixing this last night, my hands turned green!  Why does the green always leak???? My theory is this:  Food coloring loses its staining power once it is mixed with something…  You see, play dough doesn’t stain, frosting doesn’t stain, colored water doesn’t stain, and shaving cream doesn’t stain… It didn’t stain our tub and the boys had a blast!  By the end of bath time they had covered the walls, their brushes and their belly buttons with shaving cream!  I had to empty the tub in order to give them a “real bath” once they were done.  It was so worth it, however, because they played in the tub for a good hour + (so I took this fine opportunity to clean their bathroom, YUCK).  This morning they woke up asking if they could paint in the tub again…  I am going to try another bath paint recipe this week just to mix it up for them, but I assure you, this was a hit!

One Response to “Shaving Cream Bath Paints”

  1. Rose April 20, 2015 at 11:04 PM #

    Hi, love this! Besides mixing the colors with the cream, is there any thing else I need to do?

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