Homemade Bubbles

My son and I take a class at the EP Family Center for two/three year olds…  This is the recipe they gave us for bubbles… I’ve made these before at school and used 2 teaspoons of Glycerin in place of the Karyo Syrup and it’s worked just as well…  This is a great time of year for bubbles, ENJOY…

2 Cups Joy Dish Soap 
6 Cups Water 
¾ Cup White Karo Syrup   
Combine, shake, and let settle for 4 hours before using.  
Store covered in the refrigerator to extend suds shelf life. Then allow warming before using.   

Bubble Tips. 
• Do not stir wand in suds, this avoids foaming.
• If foam develops, scrape off with stiff card. 
• Keep suds clean, avoid dirt, grass, bugs etc. 
• Use a 9x13 cake an or pizza pan for suds. 
• Bubbles are best on humid days 
• Joy and Karo syrup work best. Other brands don’t work as well. 
• Direct sun light weakens suds. 
• If bubbles get in eyes, Rinse with water   
BUBBLE WAND. Bend a metal hanger into desired shape...For small wands tie a twist tie to a straw.

One Response to “Homemade Bubbles”

  1. SQ January 16, 2015 at 3:18 PM #

    Our little ones loved making bubbles when they were young. The recipe is the same. Instead of a hanger we connected 2 lg straws with string to form a rectangle or square. With both hands gently hold the straws together in the liquid then lift and slowly separate. Let the breeze take it from there.

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