Snowman Craft


Darker colored construction paper

White paint


ribbon or fabric for scarf

orange construction paper for nose

black construction paper for eyes and mouth

construction paper for hat

sticks for arms

buttons or paper for frills



I cut out several different shaped circles for my kids in hopes to teach them about “small, medium, large”.  I wanted them to choose one of each size circle and then glue them together to make the “perfect” snowman… Of course they both choose “large” for all three circles and I just couldn’t argue with them…  Needless to say their snowmen are a little off balance, but the more I thought about it the more realistic this seemed to me…  I also let them choose the shape and color of the hats, nose, eyes etc… and they both chose the same (of course) but yours might choose differently.  After they have glued their three circles together, let them sponge paint the snowman with white paint.  I like using a darker colored paper with the white paint for two reasons.  One they can really see where they are painting and two it really shows them the texture!  Once your snowman is dry, you can add all the snowman frills you’d like…  Older children can do most of this themselves!  Enjoy and happy MLK…

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