Music Themed Birthday Party


Yesterday was my son’s 4th birthday.  We had his birthday party over the weekend…  He is really into music so I decided to do a music theme… At first I thought I’d hire a high school guitar player to come over and play a couple “favorites” while the kids danced around.  Then I remembered that I had been thinking of taking a Kindermusikclass this fall and did a little research.  It turned out that a Kindermusik teacher in our area also did birthday parties.  I quickly signed up for class, fell in LOVE with our teacher, and hired her to come to S’s birthday party!  She spent about 45 minutes at my house with 11 toddlers (which qualifies as a saint) and it was truly AWESOME!  After she was done, we had just enough time for lunch, cake, gifts and one final dance song!

Here are some of my “party tips”

*  Create space… Move furniture to the edge of the room to make space for people!

*  Stick with a theme and a color scheme….  I chose orange so I had orange balloons, jelly beans, plates, cups, etc..

*  Get party favors that are “fun” and “usable”

* An hour in a half is plenty

* Pack kids food in little bags, buckets, boxes etc..  This year I packed the kids lunches in brown gift bags that I had decorated with their names and some musical stickers.  Inside each bag was a sandwich, goldfish, fruit snacks, juice box/water, and a napkin.  The kids had a carpet/hardwood floor picnic…  It was great.  We did cupcakes after this on little plates, but that was easy to pass out.

Here are some pics:

header*  We hired Kim from Kindermusik with Kim to entertain our young guests….

308We ordered these party invitations from Tiny Prints….

49_444*  We gave out these inflatable guitars that we ordered from Oriental Trading Company…  We handed them out at the end of the party and had a dance party with all of them, so cute!

BDP_3268*  A few more party favors keeping with our orange theme…  I ordered these from etsy…  Gotta love that site!

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