Green eggs and ham



Do you like green eggs and ham?  Do you like them Sam I Am?

I’m not sure about you, but Green Eggs and Ham is one of my all time favorite Dr. Seuss books.  I can quote so many different phrases from this book that as I sat here to write this post I had a hard time choosing which one…  I mean, “I do not like them on a boat, I do not like them with a goat”…  I don’t know if I like them with a goat either!  Well whether you do or don’t does not matter!   If you are looking for an easy and entertaining activity for tonight, look no further!  Why not read the book Green Eggs and Ham and then have your little ones make dinner for the family!  My boys had a lot of fun squeezing the food coloring in the eggs (and yes we used green, although I did debate trying blue to see if yellow and blue really do make green).  They whisked their little hearts out and loved watching the swirly green stripes turn into one big green blob of eggs..  They loved watching daddy cook the eggs up on the stove and serve them up “just right” on their big boy plates… (By the way, this picture shows a family of eggs, not one serving, it just made for a better photo).  And then without ceasing (well that’s not entirely true because my younger son did flinch a little while taking his first bite) they ate their green eggs and ham!  AND GUESS WHAT?

I do so like green eggs and ham, THANK YOU THANK YOU Sam I AM!

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