Super Bowl Craft/Football Craft

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?  I always love the Super Bowl even if my favorite team is NEVER in it!  It’s a fun chance to get together with friends, eat fatty treats, and see some fun commercials :).  Really, though, I do love football.  My Dad taught me everything I would ever need to know about the sport and I enjoy watching it to this day!

Living in a house full of football fans, we thought we better decorate for the big game!  I went online and printed off some logos for the Giants and the Patriots for this project.  I printed a few extra logos, just to use as decor for our little party.  My hubby researched which team was wearing their “colors” and which team was wearing their “whites” just so we’d be legit!  The boys had a lot of fun making these football guys and I think they turned out rather cute.  We have them hanging by our patio door and of course Sutton is now cheering for the Patriots and Shaeffer for the Giants (don’t tell Aunt Janice or Uncle Petey who live in Boston).

Here’s the scoop:

You’ll need….

Red, White, brown and Blue Construction paper (or the color of your favorite team)

Skin colored paper (we had some fun face cut outs that we used and the boys just picked the face of their choice)

Construction paper crayons or markers

Glue sticks

To Assemble…  I just free handed an oval shape for the helmet and cut out a square for where the face would go.  I also drew a football shape for them to cut out…  I cut out a rectangle for the body and some strips of paper for the arms and legs.  I let my kids assemble them how they wanted and taught them to “fan fold” the arms and legs.  They used the crayons to draw the faces, numbers and the football how they wanted.  We used glue sticks to attach them all together… Pretty quick and easy.

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