Pool & Sledding Dates



I absolutely love having my boys home on holiday break!  It just seems like life is a little easier.  I don’t have to get up and rush around making breakfasts and lunches and there is no rushing out the door by 7:40 in the morning!  I love it!  I love their freedom in playing and the fact that my family room looks like it has been taken over by blankets, pillows and oddly placed chairs…  I love hearing their little boy voices singing their favorite tunes just about as loud as possible while I fold their non uniform laundry and don’t put it away :).  I just love having them home, BUT….  there will be that moment, after Christmas, when they begin to miss their friends and need to get out and about and see them!  We obviously live really close to amazing ski resorts,  but at their ages meeting for skiing isn’t as easy as it might sound…  Instead, we try to schedule a few group play dates either at the pool or the sledding hill…  It’s a great way to get everyone together at one time, get some energy out, and enjoy the freedom of holiday break!  So gather your besties and meet them at the pool or the hill!  We hope to see you there!!!

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