4th of July Hats

This morning we continued the tradition of attending the Edina 4th of July Parade… I thought it would be cute if the boys made hats to wear this weekend to all of the many “patriotic” events we are attending…  We also made them for our little friends and believe me the four of them got almost more attention than the parade.  I don’t think it was because of the hats, but rather their cute little selves…


You will need red, white or blue construction paper, stickers, markers, tape or staples.  For each hat I used a sheet of 12×18.  I cut a 2 inch strip off length wise of each of the papers to use as an “extender” to fit around their heads.  I then cut one inch strips of “grass” down each of the papers until I had about 2 inches to go (for the headband)…  I then added the extender and let the kids do the rest…  I had some glittery letter stickers that I let them stick on for their names and then I flipped the paper over and let them put the star stickers on the other side (only so that when the grassy strips fell down you could see the stars…  For some reason wording this description is a lot harder than it actually was.  You can probably tell exactly what I did by looking at the pictures!  I did make the littlest peanut a “Frilly” hat by cutting zig zag strips instead of straight… Once the kids are wearing them you can fold the strips down so they dangle a little.  It was windy today so ours were kind of blowing in the wind, which was pretty cute too!  Have fun and happy 4th!

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