Garden Labels

Summer in Minnesota is amazing…  The weather, the lakes and the gardens!  I just love it!  This year the boys have had a great time planting and watching (well it’s just sprouting) the garden! Last year we didn’t plant as many vegetables because we were part of a CSA, but this year we have a large garden at the lake!   Shaeffer definitely has the “greener” thumb, planting all of the corn and cucumbers(his two favorites) himself, but they are both interested just the same.  I also just love their names for the veggies.  For example, cucumbers are “pickles”, watermelon is just “melon”, corn is “corn on the cob” even if it’s just corn, and onions are “youngyons”.  Today was a little bit of a rainy day so I gave the boys some note cards and had them make labels for the garden.  I insisted they use crayon for no other reason except that I think kid drawing in crayon is adorable!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE their depictions of the vegetables and they insisted that “pumpkin” has two p’s in it…  I love that!  We mad a ton of cards and still don’t have enough for all of the rows…  I am planning to laminate the cards (so they hold up better in the rain) and nail them to the stakes that mark each row.  Below is a picture of  a few of the cards and I will try to snap one of the rows with the finished product attached once I laminate them!  I think they turned out rather cute!  I think that they would look even more adorable in a small backyard garden!  You could even attach them to popsicle sticks and plop them in the dirt of a potted plant or container garden!

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