S’mores Bar

DSC_3515My boys decided they’d like to have a few friends over for a “S’mores” party to celebrate the ending of summer and the beginning of fall.  We had a fun time planning what we would serve at our party.  Of course we went with simply just S’mores, but spiced it up a bit by making a S’mores bar that had all sorts of goodies!  My favorite is still “peanut butter cup” S’mores, but the others were pretty yummy too! Here is a list of some of the fun things we put on our bar! Let us know if you’ve tried something different and how it was!

*Traditional S’mores Supplies

*Peanut Butter Reese’s Cups

*Kit Kat


*Heath Bar

*Chocolate Graham Crackers

*Chocolate Marshmallows

*Gluten Free S’mores (two marshmallows on the outside, chocolate in the middle)

* S’mores Cupcakes made by my neighbors 🙂


Did I mention I loved peanut butter cup s’mores…


This would be a great weekend to spice up your S’MORES life a little bit :)!

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