Apple Stamping



Red Paint

Green Paint

Paper Towel

Paper Plate or paint brush


Cut the apple in half vertically.  Dry the apple with a paper towel.  Dip the apple that still has the stem on it in the paint (that is on a paper plate) OR you can lightly paint the apple with the green or red paint.  Press it on the paper and you will have the cutest little apple.  You can draw a tree trunk first and then have your child paint apples all over it.  Another thing you can do is cut a second apple in half horizontally and it will make a star on the inside of the apple (there is a cute story about the house with no windows, no doors and a star inside you can google)…  Use the horizontally cut apple in the green paint and that can be your “leaves”.  Do the vertically cut apple in the red paint for the apples… This would make a very cute picture!

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