Homemade Valentines

So today was Day 1 of Project Valentine (see below for details) and we did a pretty good job.  Being that we have about 30 Valentines  total to make (and that is just for their preschool and ECFE classes)  and about 10 days to do it, I feel we’re well on our way…  I’d also like them to make Valentines for their Sunday School Teachers and their neighborhood friends, so I might need to up my game just a little…   Today I decided to let the boys paint with water paints… I cut hearts out of white paper, had them write their names (the best they can for preschoolers), and let them paint away… I did notice the more hearts we made the more sloppy they got with both writing and with painting so I stopped while I was ahead…I think they each completed 5 so we have about 20+ more to go!!!  WE CAN DO IT!

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