Paper Plate Fish & Sharks

My boys really wanted to paint fish today so this was the quickest way I could think of… Then, after the fish were completed, my older son REALLY wanted a shark… This was a little harder, but we figured it out….  My younger son wanted a “non biting shark”  with “no teeth”  he tends to be a little afraid…  Older kids could cut out their own sea animals…  Younger could use finger paints! Here are the directions….

The Fish:  Take a paper plate… Cut out a triangle mouth, staple/tape it on as the tail…  Paint and TADA…

The Shark:  I needed an extra plate. I cut out a triangle mouth, a little skinnier than with the fish… I used this as the “fin”… I then cut out a tail from another plate and used that as the tail…  I did a zig zag cut for the teeth…

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