Teacher Gifts

My oldest son just finished his first year at “ECFE” school…  Basically this is “pre” preschool.  He had 5 teachers in this class and I wanted to do something special for each of them as an end of the year thank you.   We made Lemon Yogurt Bread for each of the teachers in his class (click here for the recipe), tied it to a cutting board, and added a personalized magnet as a little extra… I had him help make the bread, tell me the names of his teachers and what letter they started with, and sign his name to the card.  It was inexpensive, easy, and he LOVED helping!

To make the clips:

I bought magnetic clips at the local Office Supply Store

I cut out colorful circles and glued them in the middle of the clip

I used scrapbooking alphabet stickers as the “personalization”

I finished it all with a little ribbon to match

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