Valentine’s Day Snack


One of my first years teaching first grade I had a student (Braelin) whose Mom made this snack for our Valentine’s Day party.  I obviously never forgot it being that Braelin is probably now focussed on finding an amazing college in some fantastic location…  (I age myself when I remember things from my first years of teaching).  Any ways, back to the snack… Super easy and so cute….  Here’s the scoop…

Valentine’s Day Cracker Snacks

**  Heart Shaped Crackers:  I found these crackers at our local grocery store, but you can also order them online via amazon or directly from the Valley Lahvosh company.  If you cannot find these crackers I also saw several recipes for heart shaped crackers online.


** Strawberry Cream Cheese & powdered sugar…

**  Strawberries Cut into heart shapes (you just cut them in half and then kind of V cut the stem out)..

1.  Spread the cream cheese on the crackers and top with half of the strawberry that is cut into the heart shape.  Sprinkle the crackers with powdered sugar.


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