Penguin Cookies

So… When I look at some of the amazing “cookie artists” out there I am truly amazed.  I mean making cut out cookies is enough work let alone decorating them all fancy!  I am not a cookie artist…  I am an oreo decorator 🙂   I let my oldest son decorate these cookies because he really is obsessed with penguins (I’m sure you’ll be seeing some more penguin posts very shortly).  I think he did a marvelous job!

Here’s the Scoop

You will need some oreos, white melting chocolate, orange tic-tacs, and either mini chocolate chips or brown melting chocolate….

To make the cookies first melt the white chocolate and draw a white heart on each of the cookies.  I melted my chocolate in a squeeze bottle and then just drew them…  You could probably use white frosting as well and just spread it on… what ever is easiest for you!  While the chocolate is still wet you will want to add the tic tac for a beak.  If you are using mini chocolate chips for eyes you will want to add those now too.  I melted some chips and painted the eyes on with a tooth pick, either will work…  That’s it… so easy….  I think that you could also melt some orange melting chocolate and draw little penguin feet or even the beak for that matter, but this worked for us!  Super easy, adorable, cute after dinner treat!


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