Coffee Filter Turkey

We are a coffee-less family, but we had an out of town guest in town this weekend so our house was full of the aroma of freshly brewed Columbian Roast…  Once our guest went home, I was left with an abundance of coffee filters… I thought, “How can I use these for good?”  Well, I quickly remembered that if you water paint on a coffee filter, the color spreads beautifully.  So the boys and I made turkey feathers out of the left over coffee filters.  The directions for this craft are below and so are the boys finished products!  BDP_3585


Coffee filters (white)

water paints

construction paper

black marker



Place the coffee filter on a piece of construction paper so it doesn’t “bleed” onto your work space.  Give your child directions(depending on their age) about not mixing the colors of the water paints, rinsing the brush, etc..  I tell my boys that I don’t want the colors to look “muddy” but to stay pretty like a rainbow.  This usually helps them.  I also cover the black and brown paint with a piece of scotch tape so they don’t muddy their work, but again, that is dependent on age.


Let them paint their coffee filter…  I usually don’t give many directions around this, just that they should try and fill the entire circle with paint.  Both of my boys painted theirs totally differently, and that is what makes them so special!


After they have painted their filter, you will want to set it aside and let it dry.  The next step is definitely age dependent.  In Kindergarten and up I would have them draw their turkey head, legs, beak, and waddle.  I would also have them cut it out.  I did this for my toddlers, but again you do what you feel is best… After you’ve cut out all of the body parts, glue them on!  I let my boys put the glue on their pieces, flip them over, and choose their destination!  I then had them draw their eyes and GOBBLE GOBBLE, the turkey is finished!


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