St. Patrick’s Day Project #1

I’m so Lucky…

OK, if you are already ahead of the game and you are trying to think of a St. Patrick’s Day project, here is my first one…  I’ll post a picture once we are done, but I think you’ll get the idea!

Cut out a “Shamrock”  from a green piece of paper.  Depending on the age of your children have them write, draw or even glue pictures of the people and things they feel luck to have…  Talk with them about how lucky we are to have our family, our friends, our home, food, toys etc…  You can use photographs, magazine pictures, crayons, markers, etc… You can have them decorate one big shamrock or several little ones…   Hang their shamrock(s) up in the house and reflect back on your many blessings throughout the month of March…


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