Paper Plate + Sponge = Apple

7 Oct

When I was in college sponge painting was “in”…  My girlfriends and I actually even sponge painted our lofts, my how times have changed, There is no sponge painting on any walls or beds in my house…  Except maybe for these cute apples the boys and I made!


Materials:  small or large paper plates, construction paper, red paint, old sponges…

I used the smallest paper plates I could find and the oldest sponge I had… I cut the sponges up into small squares and let the boys dip the red paint into the squares and paint their plate to look like an apple.  I tried to get one of them to make a green apple, but no luck!  Either way, I think the texture of the sponge makes the apple look good enough to eat!  HA HABDP_2597

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