Halloween Craft for All Ages: Puzzle Pumpkin

24 Oct

This is a craft that I have done for years with Third Graders, First Graders and Kindergarteners.  This year I decided to try it with my 2 & 4 year old.  Basically the older the child the more independent they are with each of the steps.  With my little guys I just did the cutting and let them glue.  You know your child and his/her ability!   Our house is now starting to look a little bit like a pumpkin patch!

STEP 1:  Cut a pumpkin out of orange paper;  I traced a bowl to get a more accurate circle, but pumpkins are rarely accurate so free handing it is just fine!


Step 2:  Draw two zig-zag lines down the pumpkin.  Again, older children can do this themselves, I did it for my preschoolers…


Step 3:  Cut along the Zig Zag Lines and glue your “puzzle pumpkin” to a black piece of paper…  I used a glue stick and let my little ones  glue….


Step 4:  Draw pumpkin eyes, nose and mouth on yellow construction paper and cut out.  Glue these onto your puzzle pumpkin.  (Again, older kids can draw and cut their own pumpkin face, I asked my guys what shapes they wanted and then cut them for them.  They glued them on).  I made a variety of faces….  My little guy’s art is much cuter than mine… Their finished product pics are at the bottom of this post!

BDP_3373 BDP_3371 BDP_3375

Step 5:  My Preschooler’s Finished Products… They really had a lot of fun!

BDP_3377 BDP_3378

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