Small Town Goodness: New Prague Shopping

13 Dec

image courtesy of Cranky Alice

image courtesy of Mosaic Alley

The craziness of the season actually allowed my husband and I a little “married time” which was a very special treat… We had two parties to attend last night so “Granny” graciously took our boys for a sleepover…  Granny lives in a little town about 45 miles south of downtown Minneapolis.

It only takes us about 25 minutes to get to her house from the “burbs” but we rarely spend any time there.  After we dropped the boys off we decided to venture into “town” to check out a couple little stores that we’ve heard a lot about.  Why not, we were kid free!  I’ll be honest when I tell you that my husband and I were not anticipating much more than a couple gift shops that were “a little bit country” selling nothing more than overpriced, lacey pillows.  WE WERE SO WRONG…  These two stores were two of the cutest, most economical shops I have been to in a long time.   Mosaic Alley and Cranky Alice sit nestled among bars, pizza parlors, hair salons, yoga studios, and flower shops.  They have adorable store fronts with creaky old doors that jingle when you open them and invite you right in.

Both retail stores support everyone from the local artist to international artists.  They carry art, jewelry, clothing, hats, funky gifts, children’s items and so much more…  Both stores have a bit of a vintage feel and are really a MUST SEE…

Plan an afternoon in New Prague and you won’t be disappointed.  You can even stop into Schumacher’s Famous Hotel and Restaurant for lunch!

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