Goin’ on a Bear Hunt…

18 Jan

So we’ve been trying to be creative with ways to get our wiggles out….  This is our latest and most popular game around our house.  We call it “Goin’ on a Bear Hunt” and here is how it works….

1.  Make sure each person playing has a working flashlight

2.  It is best to play at night when it’s dark, so in the winter that’s any time after 4:30 🙂

3.  Find a stuffed bear or any stuffed animal…

OK… So we turn all the lights off in our house (well on our main level) and the boys each have a flash light.  This alone can entertain them for a while…  Once the flashlights have been tried and tested, tell them you need them to help you find a bear… I then send them to the bathroom while I hide the bear.  I say “OK” lets hunt and they run around searching with their flash lights for our hidden bear…  The first couple times I had to hide it in a pretty obvious location, but now we are old pro’s so I can be a little more tricky with my hiding skills.  They absolutely love it and it entertains them for such a long time…  Who would have thought something so simple could be so fun!

One Response to “Goin’ on a Bear Hunt…”

  1. Kelly Ojeda February 5, 2010 at 2:19 PM #

    Hi Shannon! I am a stay-at-home mom of two boys (ages 2 and 4) and I have enjoyed your website. I learned about it from Ben, who took pictures of my boys last summer. I am jealous that you have two creative and talented parents in one house! Just wanted to let you know that we will be Goin’ on a Bear Hunt in our house tonight. Sounds fun! My boys will love playing with flashlights. Thanks.
    Kelly Ojeda

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