Project Valentine

27 Jan

I’ve challenged myself to help my boys make homemade Valentines this year for their friends and classmates.  I also suggested it to my Kindergarten class.  Last year I had a student who made Valentines for our entire class instead of purchasing them.  It was so sweet, cute, creative and I think even a bit cheaper.  I promise you that the Kindergarten students were SO SO SO excited to see what their “homemade” card looked like.  I think it is a great way to teach your children about caring for each other and the importance of giving homemade gifts.  I am not going to do anything fancy… Just some pink, red, white & purple construction paper, markers, glue, and maybe a tiny bit of sparkles or stickers!  I might even break out the water paints, we’ll see! I will post some pictures as we get them done… Tomorrow is DAY 1 of Project Valentine…  I challenge you to do the same, I promise it will be rewarding!

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