How to use a sand shovel & bucket in the winter: two ideas

10 Feb

I know that the East Coast, Mid West and even some places towards the South are being walloped with snow… I went to the garage and found some of our favorite sand toys and sent the boys out “digging” this week…  These toys were just as much fun in the snow as they are in the sand!  So go ahead, dig out your summer toys and have at that big pile of snow in your yard!

We also love to put a little food coloring in water bottles (that squirt) and let them “paint the snow”

OH and if you fear your friends may have lost their sand gear, why not give them some for Valentines Day…  Target sells sand toys in their dollar section as I’m sure many other stores do too… Buy a couple sets for your friends and write “I Dig You” on the shovel and the friends name on the bucket… Tie them together with a fun ribbon and you have yourself a useful, non candy, valentines day gift!

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