A Week for the Birds!

15 Jun

We are officially on summer vacation and we thought we’d kick of our first week with a bird theme…

Here is my plan…


Monday:  Paint a birdhouse for father’s day…  I bought one of those wooden bird houses and let the boys go to town on painting it…   I let them each paint one side and one of them painted the front and the other the back.  I think the birds are going to love us after this week!

Tuesday:  We take a class at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum (little pea pods class, amazing) and this week the theme was MUD.  I figured I could work birds into mud somehow and save myself an extra project for one day!  We made mud pies filled will all sorts of things birds love during class!  SO, on our way home we talked about how birds use all sorts of sticks, leaves, mulch and MUD to make their nests…  We thought we’d leave our mud pies outside and see if the birds want to borrow any of our “supplies” for their nests (genius right, now no mud in the house)… I think it takes a brave mom or dad to make mud pies at home, but I promise my kids LOVED it… I was just lucky enough to get to do it away from home!

Wednesday:  Homemade Birdfeeders

Bagels, Pinecones, Sticky Food (Peanut Butter, Sun Butter, Almond Butter, Honey, etc..), birdseed, twine..


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