A summer full of “hot air”

4 Aug

The family and I were headed to the lake one morning when off in the distance we could see this ball of various colors floating slowly upwards in the sky…  My boys immediately asked, WHAT IS THAT?  We told them that it was a HOT AIR BALLOON and they were utterly confused… My husband, being the spontaneous man that he is, decided to take a detour and headed straight for the balloon which was popping in and out of our vision.  We finally caught up to the vessel as the suspense in the car thickened…  Much to our surprise we were able to talk with one of the owners who was following the balloon as it prepared to land.  My photog hubby snapped some awesome pics of the balloon and we got to see it descend right in front of us, pretty cool… As you can imagine, two small boys found this AMAZING so we decided to make our own H.A.B at home…  Here you go…

For the Balloon you will need;  1 inch squares of tissue paper, white construction paper, spray bottle with water, string or ribbon, black construction paper, white crayon


1.  Cut out a balloon shape from white construction paper

2.  Cut out 1 inch squares of various colors of tissue paper…

3.  Have the artist (my 3 & 4 year olds) place the squares of tissue on top of the construction paper trying to cover all of the white… It’s OK if the tissue paper overlaps.

4.  Fill a spray bottle with water…  Have the artist spray the tissue paper/construction paper with the squirter..  THIS WAS FUN!  Try to have them hold the bottle 6 or more inches from the tissue so that the tissue doesn’t slide around on you…

5.  Let the tissue dry and then it will just fall right off and you will have a beautiful balloon (I think butterflies, flowers etc.. would be fun to do this way, as well)

6.  Cut out a “basket” and decorate it as you see fit… The balloon was the fun part for us so I just let them do what ever with the basket.  I added ribbon and now they hang proudly on our wall of art!

2 Responses to “A summer full of “hot air””

  1. Laura Bauer August 11, 2010 at 1:25 PM #

    Shannon –

    This project looks so fun – I have a quick question though. I tried it today to make sure my supplies worked and the tissue paper didn’t bleed onto the construction paper. Did you use a special kind of tissue paper? Thanks for any feedback you have!

    Laura 🙂

    • mommyapolis August 11, 2010 at 5:26 PM #

      Laura, I did not use a special kind of tissue, just bought it at target… We did spray them until they were pretty soaked (what else would a 3 and 4 year old do) and then let them dry before we took them off… Did you do this too?

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