“Give Thanks”

20 Nov

The boys and I are working hard on a Thanksgiving banner.  Our banner is going to say “Give Thanks” once it is complete.  We are not finished yet, but I thought that I better post now so that if you want to make one you can get started…  The only part of this project that I did for them was cut the paper and tell them the letters to write…  They are writing the letters and decorating them with water paints.  Once all of the letters are decorated and dry, I am going to attach them to a ribbon and hang them from our mantle for a Thanksgiving decoration.  You could also do this for Christmas stating something like “BELIEVE” or “JINGLE ALL THE WAY” or something cute like that…  I will post a picture of our completed project tomorrow when it is done and dry!    My one piece of advice is that if you are going to decorate your banner with water paints make sure that you use a permanent marker to write the letters because washables will bleed!  I think that these would be cute decorated with crayon or marker, as well, especially if your child is a little older and can draw cute little images on the banner (turkey, pilgrim, corn, etc..).  You could also make it out of fabric and use fabric markers…  Be creative and enjoy!  It’s also a great way to teach them what it means to “give thanks”…


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