Love Jobs 2011

20 Jan

Today the boys and I are getting out our Valentine decorations and beginning to get a little “February Festive”…  This is one of my favorite activities we do all year!  For the first 14 days of February we are going to do one “Love Job” a day. I type out each of the jobs and put them in the jar.  We then pick one piece of paper out of the jar each day and complete that job!   You can see a list of last years “jobs” on the right hand side of this blog.  This year we are doing some of the same jobs as last year and some new jobs, as well. Here is a list of what we are going to do for our Love Jobs 2011!  Please share any different jobs you are doing in the comments section!

1*  Fill a grocery bag with food items from our pantry and deliver it to a food shelf!

2*  Make a list of three people you will pray for each night this week!

3*  Find one toy of your own that you would like to give to a child who may not have many of their own.

4*  Choose one book from your collection that you would like to give away to a child who may not have many of their own.

5*  Bring a homemade gift to your teacher and tell her you appreciate her.

6*  Make a special treat for a neighbor!

7*  Help make a meal for some friends.  Invite them over to enjoy it with us or help deliver it to their house!

8*  Draw a picture for a friend or family member and mail it to them!

9*  Take some money from your piggy bank and give to the children’s offering at church.

10*Bring lunch to Daddy and eat it with him at his office!

11*Buy flowers for someone who might need their day brightened!

12*Help clean something in our home!

13*Write down three things you love about your brother and give it to him!

14*Host a Valentines Day Brunch for your friends and/or neighbors!  (This one is date specific so I will put it in the jar on that day)

One Response to “Love Jobs 2011”

  1. Happy Home Fairy January 31, 2011 at 11:57 PM #

    I love this idea! I linked up to your picture and idea over at my blog! I love that you are teaching your Happy Buddies to serve… truly the best example of love, indeed!

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