Teaching Kindness

8 Feb

BULLYING is such a hot topic in our world right now.  It’s a huge problem in schools, neighborhoods, parks, etc..  I often find myself in conversation with friends about how we can “protect” our young ones from bullying.  I’m not sure that we can, but we CERTAINLY can teach them to be respectable, caring young people who do not bully others.  We can make them feel secure, valued and LOVED every day so that they will not feel the need to bully others…  We can talk about how to treat others and lead by example.

A great friend of ours gave us this book and I have recommended it to so many people.  It is about how we all have an invisible bucket that we carry around with us.  We can fill other people’s buckets by saying kind things to them or doing nice things for them.  It also talks about being a “bucket dipper” and how that makes people feel.  It is one of those books that you read and then you find yourself using their language to speak to your children.  My husband and I find ourselves saying “Are you filling his bucket?”   My boys even say “Hey, thanks for filling my bucket” to each other now!  When they draw pictures for Granny they say, “We are filling Granny’s bucket today”… It really is adorable!

Today I went so far as reading this book to my Kindergarten class.  They loved it.  They were giving all sorts of ways to fill buckets, it was so thoughtful!  I also recommended it to our school social worker and she was going to purchase it right away!  Needless to say, I feel it’s a MUST OWN, but you make the call!  Thank you Kai and Ella for giving us such a great gift!

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