11 May

This Minnesota girl is soaking up this spring weather like I were a sponge in water!  I guess that’s what happens when you’ve spent the last several months cooped up!  One week ago we were dealing with snow in May, I had to turn my heat on to keep our tootsies warm.  Yesterday our tootsies were sticking together and my boys were begging to go swimming in “G’s” lake.  Much to their surprise, they got a quick lesson in “hypothermia” and the importance of the sun in warming our lakes!   Today my mind has shifted from swimming in ice cold water to spending some time  hiking around and taking in the natural wonders our state (whose birthday it is today) has to offer.  I encourage you to “Take a Hike” in the next couple of days…  We’ve taken fun hikes around some of our outstanding parks, trails, and lakes.   I also love the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and Richardson Nature Center.  Both have so much ‘nature’ to offer as well as some amazing summer classes for kids!  Taking a hike is a great way to build family traditions, values, and learn about our surroundings in a hands on way!  So go on now, go take a hike!

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