Literacy in the Car….

11 Jul

We keep one of these magazine files/bankers boxes in our car.  It sits right between the boys car seats.   It is stuffed with books, all sorts of books.  Fiction, non fiction, easy readers, you name it!  It also has two little white boards, two markers and two erasers floating around in the bottom of it.  Any time we are in the car the boys immediately pull out a book or a board. They “read” the easier books and make up stories to go with the harder books.  They tell me facts about sea turtles, tigers, and butterflies….  The even “hide” books from each other for the next trip, hilarious.  We also keep two white boards in the box.  The rule with the white boards is that they are used for “words” or “numbers” not pictures.  They can write any words they want.  Sometimes I give them “spelling tests” or we write all the words we can think of in the “at” family (or other word families).  Sometimes they write the names of their friends, family members, and pets.  We even find ourselves doing math facts and numbers.   Often times they just write the words for things they see.  Just yesterday I got them unbuckled and notices the words “PT CRZR” on one of the boards…  Can you guess what my 4 year old saw on his journey home?   Just a quick and easy way to promote literacy OR EVEN MATH SKILLS on your ventures out and about!



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