A Hidden Gem…

1 Aug

Our family values time together more than anything. Both Ben and I must have “time spent” in our top five Love Languages… One way that we try to exercise our time spent is by taking summer vacations. This summer we decided to take a ROAD TRIP to Michigan. Ben was shooting a wedding in a tiny little town called Northport and the boys and I decided to tag along. Our final destination was about 13 hours from home (this traveling with a 5,4 and 8 month old) and really it was not that bad at all… We piled everyone in the MINI VAN and off we went. We made our trip out here up through the UP of Michigan, which was amazingly beautiful… We drove about 6.5 hours to a little town that just happened to have a hotel with a water park (of course this was planned). We arrived safely in our resting spot of Traverse City the next afternoon and have been enjoying Lake Michigan ever since. This area really is a hidden gem. The water looks like you are deep in the caribbean and the little towns are adorable. We’ve ventured to several beaches, parks, and restaurants. We’ve had our share of homemade ice cream, fudge, and pizza (all things I love to get “local” while on vacation). Whether you venture an hour away or 13 hours from home, time spent is a wonderful way to create memories and strengthen your family bond… We are going to have some great pictures to put in our summer memory books when we get home!

PS… This is at the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes…. A workout on the way up and a tumble of a time on the way down!  FUN FUN FUN…..

One Response to “A Hidden Gem…”

  1. Lessons from the Boys August 2, 2011 at 12:09 PM #

    I just wanted to let you know, I have posted about your post over on Apples and Lollipops. What a great idea!

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