Penguins at the ZOO!

22 Aug

I’m not sure about you, but my boys L-O-V-E the Zoo… We are actually members of the zoo because it basically pays for itself in two visits.  They love the zoo!  I love watching them learn about new eating habits, ask questions, and laugh at funny animal bums.

At our zoo we have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the penguin exhibit.  We would come in the winter and see the construction signs with the cute little snowy creatures featured all over them.  The exhibit finally opened this summer and with all of our traveling we just now got there!

My boys were beyond excited… Asking things like “do we need to wear or winter coats, did they fly on a cold airplane, will they be sliding on their bellies?”  They went as far as to learn some facts about penguins and share them with everyone they know…  So we finally made it to the zoo, twice in the past week, in fact!  AND we saw the penguins…  A couple of surprises.  #1, the exhibit is about an eighth of the size that I assumed it would be with all that construction.  #2, it’s tiny in there, #3 and the best of all…  THEY ARE AFRICAN PENGUINS, SO THERE IS NO SNOW… HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA  They are in the sand and water… swimming and playing and looking all cute, but there is no snow.  There is no need for our winter clothes.  They probably came over on a heated jet. They do not slide on their bellies.  They do not  throw snowballs…. BUT, My boys loved them!  They don’t care that there is no snow, they don’t care that the exhibit is small.  They Loved them… They loved that they could climb on rocks to see them, they loved that they swim up and down, they loved that the penguins followed their feet as they kicked them up and down…  Moral of the story…  Sometimes our expectations let us down as adults, but as kids, they just learn to see the good in everything.  A good lesson to learn….  so go out and see the penguins!  

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