Fall Tree Project

20 Sep


I’ve been so busy organizing all sorts of stuff around our house the past few weeks.  I’ve been taking down art work and storing it away in my handy art tub…  These fun trees have been hanging in our entry way for a long time now and taking them down made me a little bummed. This is a project we did when they were a bit younger and really can be adapted for any age.  I really think they are adorable!  Super easy too… I used those “dot paints” you can purchase at Michaels and let the boys go crazy making leaves…  I drew the trunks and branches for them, but they did the rest.  Older children can draw their own trunks and branches (mine could even probably do that now at 4 & 5).  I love how there are some leaves on the ground!  FRAMERS, for sure!

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