8 Dates….

12 Oct

Yesterday was my hubby and my 8th anniversary…  I never know what to get him for any holiday, but especially an anniversary.  This year I decided to get him “8 Dates”…  I like these kinds of gifts because they are interactive and FREE (at least yesterday they were free)… OH and it rhymes, I love to rhyme!

OK, you can do this and not rhyme.  You could do 12 dates, or 6 dates or what ever… It actually turned out to be kind of fun.  Here is what I did…..

I brought 8 envelopes and 8 notecards to the restaurant.  I tied them up all cute in a little bow and wrote “8 Dates” on a little tag….  I explained to him that we had a “craft” to do (which he didn’t think was very funny)… He actually said “I didn’t bring my camera,” LOL!

During dessert I took out the note cards and we brainstormed different date ideas we thought might be fun. We came up with 8 ideas ranging from picnics, hikes and outdoor concerts to dinner in a new area and watching the sunset…  We put the notecards in the envelopes and sealed them.  We tied them back up in a cute little bow and decided that we would pick one date out each month (skipping 4 months maybe when it’s crazy busy).  Now we are just praying we don’t get “outdoor concert” in February!  We made some rules about exchanging envelopes only for WEATHER purposes etc…  If you live in a warm climate you fortunately won’t run into this issue!

We actually had a lot of fun talking about the dates and I think we were both excited for our first date card…

Let me know if you try it and what you come up with!  I’d love to hear your date ideas!


One Response to “8 Dates….”

  1. Heidi Hesse October 18, 2011 at 8:10 PM #

    love it!

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