Donut Themed Birthday…

22 Oct

Yesterday was my son’s 6th birthday.  We are in the middle of a move so I decided that hosting a party in a house full of boxes was out of the question!  We thought about the things that Sutton loves and the things he loves to do and came up with DONUTS…  Yep, the boy loves Saturday morning donut runs….  We knew some friends of friends who owned a local donut shop so my handsome hubby called them up and asked them if they’d do “parties” and guess what, they DID…  So it was set, Sutton’s party would be at “Yo-Yo Donuts”!  I made some invites on my computer that said “You DONUT want to miss Sutton’s 6th Birthday”… Nothing fancy, just a picture of a donut and the details!  The other thing I did prior to the party was order some “favors”… I ended up going with a Curious George book about donuts that I found on Amazon.  I also wanted to make some felt donuts, but ended up ordering them from Etsy (because of the craziness of the move), which was a much better idea…

OK, Party time…  The children arrived and they colored some different donut coloring sheets for about 5 minutes until everyone was there… The owner of the bakery (Mr. Chris) was the guy who “ran” the party and the children thought he was great!  He explained to them a little bit about being bakers and then they all made bakers hats to keep their hair from falling in the donuts (HA HA)!

After the bakers hats were complete he took them into the donut kitchen…

This was awesome!  I think the parents loved this as much as the kids did!  We learned about how they mix the dough, get the air out of the dough, roll out the dough, cut the dough, and the differences between the two donut doughs they use!  We even got to see his big fridge and freezer!

At Yo-Yo donuts they are known for their funky flavors and varieties of donuts.  They are well known for their S’MORES donut which Mr. Chris taught us how to make…

After we toured the bakery we had to get suited up for donut decorating…  This meant we needed APRONS… The kids used fabric markers to make their aprons all their own!

Then it was time… DONUT DECORATING… Mr. Chris gave them all sorts of fun things to decorate with… We had gummy worms, Oreos, fruit loops, sprinkles, and frosting in all sorts of colors.

After Donut decorating we packaged the children’s donuts up so they could take them home…  Then Sutton got to open his gifts!  I love how young children are so excited to give gifts… They all wanted him to open their gift first, it was adorable!  After gifts we sang Happy Birthday and ate DONUTS from the cool donut tower Yo-Yo made!

 After we had them all sugared up we played some donut games….

It was almost time for our party to commence…  I read the children the Curious George book and Sutton passed out his favors!  Since most of the parents stayed for the party, the children gathered their things, gave big hugs and were on their way!  It was a special party for our very special 6 year old!  No matter where you live, I suggest calling a local bakery and seeing if they do birthday parties!  If you live in the Minneapolis area call YO-YO!  We had a lot of fun and learned a lot too!  Thank you Mr. Chris and Yo-Yo donuts!


4 Responses to “Donut Themed Birthday…”

  1. Joyce Bone October 22, 2011 at 8:25 PM #

    Hi Shannon,
    What an adorable website!! CONGRATULATIONS! Cute, cute ideas….the doughnut party looked fabulous. Makes me wish my kids were still small!

    I hope you’re not being swallowed up by boxes 🙂 Happy moving day!!



  2. Lisa January 31, 2012 at 9:19 PM #

    Just what i was looking for! Thanks so much!

  3. renee June 22, 2012 at 7:17 PM #

    We are planning something very similar for my 5 year old…thanks for the great ideas!! What kind of donut games did you play and where did you find the baker hats and aprons? thanks so much!

    • mommyapolis June 22, 2012 at 9:31 PM #

      Hi Renee… We played the donut on a string game… Where you string the donut on a string and two children hold either end of the string and one child sits on his/her knees and tries to eat the donut off… You could play a stacking game with the donuts… We also just did a few relays. The aprons and bakers hats came from the donut shop who hosted our party, but I bet if you check on amazon or oriental trading you might be able to find them! GOOD LUCK!

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