Thanksgiving Squash or Pumpkin

4 Nov

This is a project I like to do every year with my boys… It lasts a long time and looks adorable as a Thanksgiving decoration!  It also helps them think about everything they are thankful for…

To start you need to cut some feather out. You could use white paper and let them decorate the feathers or you could use different colors of construction paper, either will work! Then ask your children to write (or write it for them)one thing they are thankful for on each feather. I got everything from bananas, horses, and toys to family, friends, and our home.  This year I jotted their answers down on paper “feathers” and let them use crayons to decorate them.  

After they were done decorating their feathers, I taped each feather to a bamboo skewer.  My idea was to push the feathers into a pie sized pumpkin that we had leftover from Halloween, but sadly they were a little softer than I liked.  So instead I poked them into a squash (I would have gone out and bought another pumpkin but my thrifty husband suggested the squash)…  I quickly cut out a face, eyes and beak from construction paper and attached them to the bottom of the squash and we have the cutest little Thanksgiving Centerpiece.  Depending on the age of your kids, they could do the drawing and cutting, as well. It was very easy and very quick.  

I just love that it got them thinking about being thankful.  On Thanksgiving I hope they will be just as excited to ask our relatives what they are thankful for!

Gobble Gobble!

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