Happy “Leap” Year!

28 Feb

Ah Leap Year, Welcome Back… We figured we better celebrate your return with cupcakes…  LEAPING cupcakes, get it?  Frog’s Leap, Leap Year?  OK maybe it’s a stretch, but the boys liked it!  Any excuse to make cupcakes, right?  Happy Leap Year everyone!

I used white chocolate discs and M&M’s for the eyes, but marshmallows or any sort of white candy would work too…  Licorice for the mouth, but again anything red would do.  I thought fruit roll ups would be cute for tongues, but we don’t keep those around the house…

OH and we didn’t have any green food coloring so I had to mix two of Wilton’s finest…  yellow and blue make green, another great lesson for the little ones!

One Response to “Happy “Leap” Year!”

  1. Alison February 28, 2012 at 9:57 PM #

    You have got to be the cutest mom ever! I kept wondering if I should be doing anything for Leap Year. What a fun idea!

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