One Proud Mama…

19 Mar

My Kindergartener drew this picture today… It’s a picture of our family traveling in our pajamas back to Minnesota.  I LOVE IT…. I LOVE IT SO MUCH… SO SO SO SO MUCH…  I love the little details like the lights on the runway, the headphones on the boys, and the polkadots on our matching PJ’s.  I love that when I asked him where the baby was he said in the stroller!  I love that even Wrigley is traveling by plane :).  Did you notice that our polkadot PJ’s are sporting the Minnesota Twins logo?  I am so proud of our little artist, I really think he has a special gift!  Thank you Sutton for this adorable gift, I can’t wait to frame it!  It’s awesome, signed one proud Mama!

One Response to “One Proud Mama…”

  1. Kristi V April 23, 2012 at 7:19 PM #

    HI. I”m a friend of Ben’s through Young Life…..but I used to teach elementary art. This is VERY good. I’m sure you’ve heard that by now, but I wanted to say it again. Very good. It’s a big deal for a kindergardener to draw something more than stick figure people, let alone holding hands on a runway with planes and lights. Way to go Sutton!

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