Rain for Roots

15 Aug

One of the many joys of being a Young Life family is that you have the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing musicians.  One couple we’ve had the privilege of spending some time with is Drew and Ellie Holcomb.  They are an amazing couple with extraordinary gifts.  If you have not heard them play, I suggest you check them out at http://www.drewholcomb.com/

Ellie (well and Drew too) recently teamed up with some other amazing artists to put some familiar Bible stories to music.  This CD is awesome because it’s a little different, pretty hip, and lots of fun! The songs are a little folky and totally geared towards children, truly awesome!   I highly recommend it – not only will your kiddos love it, but you will too!

Thanks for sharing your talents with us….  XOXO

You can get it on amazon or at http://rainforroots.com/

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