Educational Gifts We Love!

26 Nov

We have lots of fun toys at our house and in my opinion playing is learning so I believe ALL of them are educational.  A few of them fit into modern day “school” curriculum, however, and tonight I was reminded just how much fun learning can be!  We have this game, “Sum Swamp” that we’ve had for a while, but really never played it.  Well this week we’ve been playing it like it’s going out of style and I can honestly say I LOVE IT.  I love watching my boys brains work…  You can just see their little wheels a turning while we play this game.  Our two year old even plays with us in his own little way- super cute!  Here are the details on this game and some of our other favorite “educational” toys…


Sum Swamp…  Available from Amazon…

  Musical Instruments available at Amazon…


Pop Bottle Science available at Fat Brain Toys…


Magna Tiles available at Amazon

Happy Shopping!

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