Happy Heart Day Hubby…

13 Feb


Ben and I do not make a huge deal out of Valentine’s Day, but to say it’s just like any other day would just not be accurate either… You see, even though I want it to be just like every other day, it is not.  It’s Valentine’s Day…  It means something to a lot of people and if you really think about it, what is wrong with celebrating LOVE????  When I was single I could probably tell you a bunch of things that were wrong with Valentine’s Day, but alas I’ve been married for nearly 10 years now so things have changed.  My friend Telicia and I once deemed Valentines Day “SAD” Day…  We said it stood for “Single Awareness Day”  We even wanted to make cards etc.. (and probably should have, T is much more an entrepreneur then I am)  but then Carson Daly or Ryan Seacrest or someone started calling it that and alas here T and I are without a card company :(.

OK Back to Valentine’s Day…  Once your children are older, it means a lot to them too, and I take this opportunity not only to show them how much I love them, but to show them how much I love their Daddy too!

I try to be creative in my Valentine’s Day surprises, but try not to spend a ton of money in doing so.  I try to work around a theme, but sometimes that doesn’t work out either :).  Here are a few of my favorites from the past…

1.  One year I gave Ben a “Red” themed Valentine’s gift.  I filled a big bowl with red skittles, lots and lots of red skittles.  I added Red Beer, Red Hots and Red Sox tickets (for when they were playing the Twins)…  I feel like there might have been something else Red in there too, but my memory is failing me :).

2.  I’ve done a “hot” themed gift… He got Hot Tamales, a Hot Thermometer for the grill, Hot Lava Soap, Hot Peppers etc..

3.  Our first dance was to “L is for the Way You Look at Me”  so I did an “L” themed gift one year…  He got licorice, lollipops, lingerie, lotion, lucky lottery tickets and a “LELIPHANT” picked out by our youngest son 🙂

4.  We’ve done fancy dinners in and fun dates out, we’ve done “love notes” to each other and hidden them around the house… We’ve done date coupons and family brunches…

5.   Just think of what is special to you and your handsome hubby and go with it!  You don’t even need to spend money!

**  I’ll share this years theme after he opens it :).  Again, nothing fancy, just fun and most of all LOVING 🙂

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