Lost in a Book!

10 Sep


I love to read…  It’s definitely my hobby.  I love being whisked away into the crazy, romantic, stressful, intense, and emotional lives of others even if it’s only for 10 minutes…  It’s my escape…  When Ben watches random sports (like soccer which is on now at my house) on the television at night, I curl up with a book.  Here’s the issue:  I have a hard time putting books down.  I want to keep reading, it’s almost like an addiction.  Honestly when I finish a good book I have to take a “reading break” for a week or two before I can start another book.  If I don’t my house would be a mess, laundry would pile up, family would be eating fast food, dog would run away, etc.. I completely understand what being “lost” in a book means…  It means not hearing what’s happening around you even if it is someone ringing your doorbell to award you with one million dollars.  It means not hearing the phone ringing to tell you that your child has been chosen as the youngest president of Harvard University.  It means feeling very sad when you flip the last page of the book and realize your new friends were actually only characters in a book…  😦

So… What kinds of books do I read?  I mostly read FICTION, but I’m not opposed to reading non-fiction, historical fiction or biographies.  I have this amazing friend, Patrick, who is much more a reader than I and he recommends books to me.  Most of the books I read are recommended by him, but I also have read books that my 76 year old neighbor has recommended!  Patrick has a reading blog at www.readwonder.blogspot.com which is a great resource for any of you readers out there…  It also has great suggestions for young readers, as well!

OK… Here is a list of some of the books I’ve enjoyed this summer.  I always read more in the summer for some reason,  but maybe that is changing as my kids get a little older…  EVERY SINGLE BOOK I read this summer I enjoyed.  There is not one that I couldn’t get through. Many of them caused me to shed more tears then I expected 🙂  My list starts with my favorite and goes down, but please know that I enjoyed each of them for different reasons!  Someday I’ll tell you why, but writing a book report isn’t on my list of things to do tonight!


2.  I HEART THIS ONE TOO…  fault




5.  UM WOW!!!!  (I actually read this one before summer)


6.  Great friendship novel!Unknown-4

7.  I read all her books, I’m addicted!  Unknown-2

8.  Yep, this was my spring read I think…  Unknown-5

9.  I had to read this one after loving it’s prequel!  Unknown-3

10.  Recommended by my neighbor, I LOVED IT!   🙂


One Response to “Lost in a Book!”

  1. Carol September 11, 2013 at 3:30 PM #

    I am so excited about this post. I have been looking for a good book to get lost in.

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