11 Jan


Yep, you heard me right!  POOP GOOP…  When my boys were babies my pediatrician gave us a recipe for “Poop Goop”  which was the best thing to cure diaper rash!  I recently was asked by a friend what I used to cure the dreaded red bum and she said it was like magic!    It truly is the BEST thing EVER for a DIAPER RASH (what ever the cause)…

Recipe:  You use equal parts of the three ingredients…

1 part diaper ointment (ANY KIND WILL WORK FINE)

1 part Cortisone Cream (such as Cortaid)

1 part Mylanta

Mix them together and there you have it.  We keep it in a little tiny tupperware container…  I use half a tube of diaper cream, half a tube of cortisone cream and mix those together.  I add a little Mylanta at a time to thin it out…  Works like a charm!  Enjoy…

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