Halloween Food & Art… Mummy Quesadillas and Potato Pumpkin Art…

28 Oct


I’m not going to lie…  Carving a potato is not as easy as it sounds…  Today my Kids in the Kitchen kiddos made a couple fun things…  Painting with potatoes was one of our fun Halloween activities we did today.  Basically, I used a pairing knife prior to class to carve out some jack-o-lantern faces in 3 potatoes, 6 halves. I tried to make each face different, but that was a bit more complicated then I thought :).

4.2013-10-01 17.42.11

I put out some orange paint and my small friends stamped away and made some pretty cute pumpkins.  They key behind this craft is that you don’t need a lot of paint on your potato or it will just look like a circle, you won’t be able to see the carved face… So go lightly on the paint… I just put a small bit on a paper plate for them to dip their potato into.   That’s it, easy as potato pie :).


We also made mummy quesadillas which were so easy, quick and tasty.  I got the idea from “The Kids Activities Blog” and I really think they are adorable!  They’d be perfect for Halloween night just before trick or treating…  You cold also make Jack-o-lantern quesadillas using kitchen scissors to cut out the face on the top quesadilla…  I used my kitchen scissors to cut some of the tortillas into strips so they could make their dinner into a mummy.  You can use white cheese and olives for the eyes or candy eyes if that’s up your ally.  You can also just cut the darker part of the tortilla into eye shapes and put those on, as well… What ever you think!


Of course no Halloween preschool cooking class would be complete without some spooky books…  Here are a couple of my favorites…

Unknown-2 Unknown Unknown-1

Happy Halloween Friends!  XOXO


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