11 Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts grades K-6…

19 Jan

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Hi Friends, I sure hope this finds you well!  I know that I usually post crafts and recipes, but this week I’ve been working on some writing prompts!  My “bigs” have been very interested in writing these days so I thought I’d create some fun Valentine’s Day printable prompts for them…  I’d love to share them with you all, as well… My dear friend Kirsten introduced me to a website called “Teacher’s Pay Teachers”.  I’m not entirely new to the site, however, because several of the blogs I follow use it to promote their products.  Needless to say, Kirsten convinced me to start putting some of my ideas up on the site so that you all can access them a bit easier.  SO these cute little writing prompts, plus 8 more can be found on mommyapolis’ TPT site…  You can find them by clicking HERE

Enjoy and Happy Monday!

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