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Button Apple

21 Sep

This craft is one of my favorites.  I love it for a couple reasons.  Reason #1- it’s cute.  Reason #2 – it’s time consuming (for your kids, not for you :)).  Reason #3- It works on fine motor skills.  Reason #4- You can do it with any shape or theme.

Here’s the Scoop:

You’ll Need:

Construction Paper or Tag Board





Cut out your favorite shape from a piece of construction paper.  I chose an apple, but a tree, leaf, star, etc.. would all be cute.  We made button ornaments for Christmas last year which were a huge hit, you can find them by clicking HERE.  Let your child glue and glue and glue.  TADA…  So easy!  So cute!  So fun!

Jolly Rancher Lollipops {2012 Version}

18 Aug

Last week I reposted a project that the boys and I did for back to school last year.  We had so much fun making the lollipops we thought we’d revisit the idea and change it up a little…  Last year we made free formed apple suckers… Here are the directions if you need a refresher:  Jolly Rancher Lollipop Directions  The boys tried some other free formed shapes this year all on their own…  They both made and apple and then together they tried to make a watermelon…  You know how I feel about little kids drawings and little kids spelling, right?  Well I feel the same way about little kids lollipops!  ALL ON THEIR OWN = TOO CUTE!

Shaeffer and I then remembered that last year Aunt Hannie suggested we use cookie cutters for more of a molded shape…  We thought that was a fun idea so I had him pick out some of his favorite cookie cutters…  His words, “I chose Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Minnesota!”  Three very special things in his heart :).  These were super easy and would be a lot of fun for any holiday or school event.  What if you were learning the states or a specific state, you could purchase that cookie cutter and make a bunch of them…  You could even put a little spot where the capitals are 🙂  using a different color rancher.

Of course then Sutton wanted in on the action so he chose three of his favorite cookie cutters (two are only pictured because the poor shamrock fell during it’s photo shoot and landed smack on the deck crumbling it to pieces)…  They were the biggest version in the house and to be honest they were much harder to work with…  The smaller parts broke off pretty easy…  The nice thing is, however, you can just reattach and remelt :)…  Which I did not do with the dirty deck one, obviously :).


Have a great weekend!


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